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An Interview with Atharva Kharkar

Atharva Kharkar is a filmmaker at The University of Michigan currently pursuing a double major in Art & Design and Business. Atharva has worked with many brands including Michigan Football and Sweetwaters Coffee and created several films that have won film festivals and premiered at a local theater. He started out creating comedy…

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Stories on Set: A Visit to the U.K., Part II

After the two-hour early morning excursion from the town to London and back, the meeting point was location—an apartment building complex. We were shooting a scene in which a man and a teen wake up in his apartment the night after a party. Apparently the location manager found the place through a friend who was away…

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Film Review: Shoplifters by Hirokazu Kore-eda

Hirokazu Kore-eda, among the most prolific Japanese filmmakers of the new millennium, not to mention also one of the best, finally won an award on the national stage spotlighting his enormous talent as a compassionate chronicler of individuals who are spiritually down and out. With Shoplifters (2018) winning the 2018 Palme D’Or Award…

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