We are excited to announce that our fifth submission season is now open, as of December 1st, 2018.
The theme is HEALING. We look forward to seeing your work.

To submit, please fill out the following form:
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You can submit a Google Drive or Google Docs link to your submission here. If you're submitting longer written work or visual work, please upload it to Google Drive or Vimeo and paste a link.

General Submission Information

One of Siblíní's unique features is our theme-inspired submission seasons. In the final publication, the magazine will blend visual and written submissions, both inspired by the same theme, but generally utterly different pieces of art. This is a beautiful way to display all the nuances of a specific theme. For our fifth submission season beginning December 1st, 2018, our theme is healing.

You may submit up to five submissions at one time. Once you receive a decision on your submissions, you may resubmit work.

  • drawing

  • painting

  • photography 

  • other

You may submit no more than one piece of fiction/creative non-fiction, five poems, or two pieces of flash fiction/short scripts at one time. Once you receive a decision on your submissions, you may resubmit work.

  • fiction

  • poetry

  • flash fiction

  • creative non fiction

  • short scripts

You may submit no more than one film at one time. Once you receive a decision on your submission, you may resubmit work.

  • narrative/fiction

  • narrative/non fiction

  • documentary

  • animation 

  • other

Can be a complete film or a portion of a film as long as it is under five minutes. Please upload your film to Google Drive or Vimeo (preferably in 1080HP) and submit the link to us. Accepted films will be displayed on The 616 along with the short contributor biography. 

Copyright Agreement

Please understand that by submitting your work to Siblíní, you agree to our copyright agreement. If your work is accepted for publication, we request Exclusive Rights, which gives us the right to publish your work without it appearing elsewhere at the same time. This includes personal blogs and websites. We request Exclusive Rights to your work for three months after publication. Once the exclusivity period has ended, you are free to publish your work elsewhere. 

Simultaneous Submissions

If you have submitted your work elsewhere, you agree to immediately notify Siblíní if it is accepted for publication. Previously-published works will be automatically rejected unless you obtain permission from the original publication.