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We are excited to announce that our fifth submission season is now open for our upcoming digital issue. If you are a young creative interested in sharing your work with a team of passionate and motivated editors, please submit your work. We can’t wait to see it.



Our story

Founded in the sizzling hot summer of 2013, Siblíní Journal was started by two sisters with the simple goal of merging visual art and written art to create something memorable and poignant. Following our original aim of sharing the work of young artists and writers, typically in high school or university, we have launched several issues, both print and digital since our beginnings. Each issue was dedicated to a specific theme and introduced new voices to the world. 

In 2015, we launched an online blog publishing cultural criticism, book reviews, music reviews, musings on film and television, and travel writing. Today, our blog has grown and evolved and now we've named it The 616; an ode to the original conception of the journal initially designed while driving through the streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan (area code 616).

What's next for Siblíní? Today, we are an international magazine with contributors, editors, and staff writers stemming from across the globe. We aim to honor our roots, grounded in quality literature and expressive art, while also branching out to publish engaging work on a variety of disciplines. We are working to truly delve into the creative community by interviewing luminaries across genres, supporting young voices in various industries, and providing a place to showcase creative work and ideas. In today's world, honoring and supporting young creatives is increasingly essential and we couldn't be happier to share so many wonderful voices with the world.

Interested in joining the movement? We want to hear from you.